Il Mandorlo
Organic Italian Gelato

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Scegliere Bio

The IL MANDORLO Organic Italian Gelato brand.

Our company was founded in Romagna in 1952 following the passionate commitment and research of MO.CA SpA and after experiencing over sixty years of excellence in the Italian artisan gelato industry. Thanks to a lengthy experience in producing gelato, confectionery and artisan bakery, Mo.Ca uses only high quality raw materials and reliable supplies: technology, furniture, machinery, equipment and gelato, vocational training for the development of the quality of gelato you've always dreamed of. The tradition of Mo.Ca carrying out continuous research in the world of organic gelato is the result of a long road taken by the company: a long term ethos that involves deep responsibility but that proudly identifies us as pioneers of a journey in progress.

We are proud to interpret the philosophy of organic advocates with innovation and respect for nature.

For this reason, the experience of and this spirit of inquiry are perfectly placed in the context of Expo 2015, which tells stories of men, of lands, of production and sustainable crops to feed the world with renewed energy. and Expo 2015 follow the same goal to respect these values.

You want organic, leave the rest to us!

IL MANDORLO organic italian gelato parlour, is a new opportunity for entrepreneurial success for those who have decided to start an original business, with the added value of a certified organic product that is natural and and unique in the world of artisan gelato.

The format for a certified IL MANDORLO organic Italian gelato business includes the creation of a streamlined copyrighted design, a coordinated line of custom accessories and tools, as well as the professional support of the MO.CA specialists.

Why choose the IL MANDORLO gelato brand?

We have selected and provided for you certified organic raw materials that are all fresh and high in quality, including the milk, cream and fruit.

We manage the entire process of pasteurisation and maturation of the mixture using a highly innovative production process. The liquid product, (in various flavours), is delivered fresh to stores, ready to be frozen.

Our product is not subjected to UHT (ultra-high temperature) pasteurisation and is not a frozen product, so the gelato retains all the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the raw materials.

Our organic fruit does not undergo pasteurisation or cooking, it is processed exclusively when cold, thus it maintains freshness and flavour.

Producing a high quality certified organic gelato has never been so easy!!!

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This new unique brand for a certified organic gelato shop is premium quality.
Advantages of IL MANDORLO organic Italian gelato:

Macchina per il gelato IdeaTre
  • 40% less investment than a traditional gelato parlour
  • Only 25 square meters of land is required to build a local gelato parlour
  • One single machine is required for producing the gelato, which can be integrated into the sales area
  • 40% lower operating costs
  • 60% improvement in the income statement in the first five years
  • 100% control of your business activity in relation to the purchase and sale of the product
  • 60,000 potential customers in your exclusive area
  • 60 years of solid experience of Mo.Ca. in the gelato industry

Quality gelato, quality of life.

IL MANDORLO organic Italian gelato is a certified organic product that is handcrafted and ready for the easy preparation of flavoured gelato that is extraordinarily good and natural. Fresh milk, fresh cream, fruit in season... all the raw materials are carefully selected and controlled at origin. This truly is an innovative, high quality product that is unique and unmistakable.


Open an organic gelato shop franchise with IL MANDORLO, with no entry fee and no royalties.

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